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Diigo is a powerful, searchable, bookmarking site with the ability to form professional sharing groups such as ELearning for Educators facilitated by Dennis O'Connor from UW Stout.  This group has compiled almost 4,000 sites related to ELearning, technology, and various other subjects.

One of the sites I bookmarked and have experienced in my classroom is Voicethread.
My middle school art students studied the art of Chris Van Allsburg, most famous for his pencil illustrations. They created an an alternative version of the book, The Garden of Abdul Gasazi. In collaborative groups they wrote the narrative and illustrated their book (each student was responsible for one page).  I uploaded the digital images of their pages to Voicethread.  Then each student recorded their written text for their page of the book on a microphone attached to my computer.  The final version then shows as a flip page book with audio text.  

Below is a sample from this project completed by a group of four, eighth grade art students.

During future online classes, I would use sites such as Diigo to have a central place for sharing of pre-screened and recommended websites.

Sharon Benini, ELearning for Educators, UW-Stout, Summer 2012, SU12-961C

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