Moodle Survey, Asynchronous Video Feedback

Computer Camera
"Would you like to give or receive course feedback by video?"

How can we bridge the distance in "distance/online learning"? This question was the inspiration for my survey, and specifically the use of video feedback.  Multi-media feedback can provide students with the feeling of a face to face conversation with their instructors.  However, there are drawbacks and obstacles with any new format. The Moodle survey, Asynchronous Video Feedback questioned students about their opinions on this mode of feedback.  

Moodle surveys (known as feedback) offers instructors the ability to query their students about their learning objectives, readings, or any other areas of interest.  I would use this format to ask students open ended, critical thinking questions to ascertain their understanding of the material covered, feedback on their progress in the course, or suggestions to direct future learning.

Sharon Benini, ELearning for Educators, UW-Stout, Summer 2012, SU12-961C

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